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Almond Biscotti Travel Pack, 200g

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Modern Italian Biscotti recipe include mixing of baking powder, eggs and flour. The nuts are then added and coated.

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  • Biscotti are baked twice in oven, so they become very dry and traditionally served with a drink, into which they are dunk.
  • You can glaze these crunchy biscotti in chocolate syrup for after lunch and dinner desert.
  • These Biscotti are crunchy, sweet and nutty. Biscotti are oblong in shape, filled with almonds.
  • Since they are twice baked you can store for long period in an airtight container.
  • This is 200gm zip lock travel pack for anytime munching.

Did you know?
‘Biscotti’ is an Italian word which means twice-cooked or baked in English. It is also known as Cantuccini, a Tuscan-style cantuccini is served with Vin Santo, traditionally a drink into which they are dunk. Modern biscotti recipes contain nuts, almonds, pine nuts, pistachios, and hazelnuts or cinnamon. Outside Italy, Biscotti are more frequently accompany with coffee, including cappuccinos and lattes or black tea.

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