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Nick of Time Colombian AA Grade Coffee Dip Bags/Filter Coffee Bags/Brew Bags (Pack of 25)

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          • Nick of Time brings for all coffee connoisseurs your travel companion “INSTANT FILTER COFFEE BAGS”. These single filter bags make a fresh cup every time. Brew a cup of delicious coffee right in your own mug with these convenient single-serving coffee bags. Each bag contains 6gms of 100% Arabica dark roasted ground coffee. It gives you an intense, flavorful shot of coffee. These classic roast coffee bags retain their flavor for long. Take these coffee bags wherever you go to enjoy a perfectly brewed and refreshing cup of coffee anywhere, anytime. These coffee bags are a smart choice for coffee lovers who just can’t wait to gulp down caffeine.

    How to make:- 1. Place one ground coffee dip bag in your cup 2. Pour boiling water into the cup and leave it for 3-5 minutes 3. Drink black or add sugar and milk if desired

          • We hand pick the best coffee beans to ensure quality. It is then roasted in precision roaster, carefully ground and packed for premium quality coffee.
          • Colombian coffee is a careful blend of rich, mildly fruity flavor due to its ideal weather conditions.
          • These are well rounded dark roast with chocolate tones and an-embellished finish Colombia’s finest coffee beans.
          • Colombian coffee has mellow acidity and a strong caramel sweetness in it.
        • How to use coffee bags: 1. Place one coffee bag in your cup 2. Pour boiling water into the cup and leave it for 3-5 minutes. Longer dip times give you a stronger coffee. You could also consider leaving the coffee bag in a thermos with hot water for several hours or even overnight and get a strong coffee when you wake up 3. Add sugar and milk if desired.