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Indian Blue Mountain (Single Origin) Drip Bags (Pack of 10) 100g

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Pack of 100gm

10gm Indian Blue Mountain (Single Origin) drip bag is made from premium green beans which are carefully handpicked, blended and roasted to perfection in the finest coffee region of South India – Mangaluru.

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  • We hand pick the best coffee beans to ensure quality. It is then hand roasted, carefully; ground and packed for premium quality coffee.
  • Pre-packaged drip coffee is intended for everyone from coffee aficionados to the person looking for a quick cup of coffee.
  • This is the best quality Arabica Coffee. Experience the authentic aroma in every sip.
  • It is compact and easy to carry. One drip bag can be used for one strong hot cup of coffee.
  • Weight: 100g box (10g x 10bags)

Anytime – Anywhere 3 easy steps preparation:
Tear filter at top along perforation. Pull bottom of hangers away from filter.
Hang filter on cup and add hot water slowly. Remove filter by hangers and dispose.
Add sugar and milk according to taste.
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Small and light convenient package to take anywhere such as school, work, gym, or camping to name a few. Have a fresh and gourmet cup of coffee quickly with the addition of hot water. It contains micro ground coffee individually packaged in paper filters that allows our coffee lovers to enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee any time in the day and anywhere. They are very popular in much of Asia including Japan, Korea and China. Nick of Time India has introduced the best coffee from Colombia, Africa and India with the Asian drip bag process to bring you the “kick” found in a fresh brew.

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Weight 100 g