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NICK OF TIME Pure Colombian Coffee K-Cups| Coffee Pods|Keurig Compatible|100%Arabica Dark Roast Ground AA Grade|Single-Serve |Pack of 40 count

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    • WHAT IS K-CUP?
    • K-Cup pods are cups with a self-contained filter filled with 10 grams of ground coffee and sealed with a foil lid. K Cups are easy to brew and available in an incredible range of coffee varieties.
    • It is a single serve coffee widely used.
    • There is a filter within the cup that contains coffee and there are two needles in the Keurig machine that puncture the lid and bottom of the K-Cup. Water flows through the cup allowing the coffee to flow out the bottom without the grounds dripping into your cup.
    • K-cups are so popular that they’ve been used in both commercial and personal use.
    • HOW TO USE:-
    • 1. Place a coffee mug on the tray of the Keurig machine.
    • 2. Insert a K-Cup in the machine. Fill the water tank according to the capacity.
    • 3. Then press the brew button and wait for brewing to finish and your cup of perfect fresh coffee is ready!
    • 4. Add milk or sugar if desired.
    Nick of Time is successfully introducing a range of Indian flavors in a Keurig compatible format. Lavish coffee drinking at its best. Nick of Time offers Keurig Compatible Coffee Cups (K-Cups) which provide a brewed coffee experience in a few minutes for everyone from coffee aficionados to someone looking for a quick cup of coffee. AA grade Arabica dark roasted coffee powder in each K-Cup. Get high quality and precisely measured coffee of various K-Cup types in industry standard K-Cup formats. Just buy a machine once and get years of exquisite coffee experience at home. We are delighted to share the Nick of Time AA grade premium coffee from Colombia. We collect the finest grown beans from farms and then use precision roasting equipment from Germany. The result is the product you hold in your hands. Do join the rest of world in discovering fine Colombian coffee.

    • Compact and easy to use these Colombian coffee K-cups and perfect for hassle free life.
    • Premium green beans are roasted, blended and further packed in small K-cups.
    • Now enjoy the authentic taste of Colombian Coffee at home.
    • Each K-cup has precise ingredients and provides a uniform taste.
    • Weight: 400gm box (10gm x 40 K-cups) Storage: Store in a cool and dry place.