Nick of Time Pure & Fresh Chicory Blend African Coffee with 60% AA Grade Arabica Coffee 40% Chicory Powder (400g)

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Nick Of Time delivers the full on flavor that keeps good going. A traditional and distinctive beverage with pleasant tasting but suitably strong taste. Excellent blend of coffee tasted and supervised by our experts for clean smooth rich finish. So wake up to a premium quality coffee at home for a spectacularly smooth start that you need to kick start you day. Chicory Blend Filter Coffee is not only a drink, it’s happiness. Nick of Time offers blended African coffee with chicory as enjoyed by generations of people all over the world. Let’s have a KaapiBreak! We are delighted to share chicory blend African coffee prepared from high quality AA Grade Arabica beans sourced from Africa, roasted on precision equipment from Germany. These beans are grounded and mixed with roasted chicory to create a fine blend for evolved taste. Chicory is primarily used to blend in coffee for adding depth, flavor and balance. Suitable for all types of coffee maker, pour-over, stove-top, drip filter, french press. 40% chicory is added to this blend. Please check the chicory amount carefully on this pack to suit your preference.

HOW TO MAKE IN FRENCH PRESS:-1. Add generous amount of coffee to your French Press/pot/mug 2. Heat 90ml of water to just below boiling temperature 3. Add hot water to your French Press/pot/mug and let it brew for 6 mins 4. Press the plunger down in your french press and filter out the decoction using strainer. 5. Add milk or sugar if desired.

HOW TO MAKE IN STEEL FILTER:-1.Take a coffee filter along with a pressing disk and a lid.2.Add coffee powder into the perforated vessel,and press tightly with the help of pressing disk.3.boil water and pour slowly into the top vessel covering almost full.4.cover with the lid and rest for sometime without disturbing, the decoction would have collected at the bottom of the vessel.5.Add sugar according to your sweetness, adjust the quantity of milk and coffee brew based on strong you prefer.

  • African filter coffee with chicory is prepared from the fine quality Arabica beans roasted on Germany precision equipment sourced from Africa.
  • The Arabica beans are mixed with roasted chicory to create a fine blend for premium taste.
  • Filter Coffee with Chicory is also liked for various benefits. It is mostly used by people who want to reduce the caffeine intake.
  • This is ‘Kaapi’ enjoyed by generations of coffee connoisseur families. Weight & Storage: It comes in 400gm canister pack, store in cool and dry place.