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Vanilla Cold Brew, Pack of 5 Dip Bags (125g)

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Cold Brew Coffee is rich in antioxidant and good for sensitive stomach and teeth.

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    Anytime and anywhere cheers to Nick of Time’s Cold Brew Coffee. Get Nick of Time Cold Brew Bags today to enjoy tomorrow. Easy to make and easier to drink. Preparation time 2 minutes. Steeping time 14-18 hours. Enjoying time 2-3 days. Follow these easy steps. First add one cold brew dip bag in one litre of water and store the bottle in refrigerator for minimum 14-18 hours. Then throw away the dip bag and add sugar and milk according to taste. Now your Cold Brew is ready to be consumed within 2 days for better flavor and taste. Cold Brew Coffee is very popular among the youngsters for its obvious various benefits. It helps in boosting your metabolism and lift your mood.
    • Coarsely ground coffee makes the best cold brew. Use one cold brew bag (25g) in 1 litre of water.
    • Cold brew is less acidic than any other hot brew coffee. Good in summers keeps you hydrated and cool.
    • Cold Brew coffee is made from coffee beans mostly medium roasted. Then they are coasrsely ground and steeped in cold water for 14 to 18 hours in a refrigerator for better taste.
    • Vanilla flavor is added. It comes in 125gm zip lock pack (includes 25gm x 5 bags), store in cool and dry place.
    • Cold brew is not the same as ice coffee and it is also not an instant coffee.

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