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Nick of Time Vanilla Flavour Pure African Arabica Instant Coffee Powder (100% Coffee, No Chicory) (100gm)

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Pack of 100gm

Africa produces some of the world’s most unique coffees characterized by floral, fruit and wine tones with rich acidity.

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    If you are an instant coffee lover then try Nick of Time’s Kafele African Instant Coffee granules today. We source pure instant coffee powder from Africa in the agglomerated form by freeze dried method. No chicory added, only coffee. Kafele instant coffee uses Africa’s finest coffee beans that have been roasted and blended to create a premium brew. The processing is expertly done to retain superior taste and rich aroma that is only found in African coffee. Every sip will transport you to coffee farms nestled in the Masaba Highlands and the plains of Victoria Basin where best coffee comes from.

    • Start you day with a refreshing cup of coffee anytime and anywhere. Drink it black or have it with milk.
    • Premium green beans are carefully handpicked, roasted and blended in coffee farms of Africa to create a perfect cup of coffee.
    • Instant coffee dissolves quickly in hot water and has long shelf life.
    • Vanilla flavor is added. This is 100% agglomerated coffee and spray dried.
    • 5. Weight & Storage: 100g bottle, store in cool and dry place.
  • HOW TO MAKE:- 1.Add 2 teaspoons of instant coffee to a mug of 200 ml. 2.Add hot water/milk and stir until the coffee granules are dissolved. 3.Add sugar if desired.
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