So Here’s Something About Us

“Coffee is a language in itself.”


Nick of Time’ brings this flavoursome and fantastic coffee experience right to your doorstep with our range of premium quality coffee from all over the world including Africa, Colombia, Ethiopia and India. On our website you will find a variety of  coffees as per your liking.  The range is truly impressive- one that will definitely awaken the coffee lover in you! Our motto is always to serve the ‘customer-first’. We believe that our team has been assembled and trained in a way that allows us to provide the industry’s best experience in buying coffee. Our products have no additives or artificial flavours that take away from their natural state.

We have support staff and specialized team members only so that you leave every interaction with us happy. Apart from retailing, we are also the only entity, wholesaling, trading and importing authentic international coffee in India. So if you are a true coffee lover and yearn for that global coffee experience in India, ‘Nick of Time’ products are for you. We value you the most. We want to continue to effectively manage and create strong relationships with all  our customers, employees, partners and the community at large.

 Why choose us?

What makes us a great brand is the responsibility we have towards our community. Introducing an Indian coffee company that has been making a positive impact since 2016 by providing opportunities to women in business. This company, which is committed to empowering women and promoting gender equality, has established itself as a successful coffee brand. However, this coffee company recognized the potential of women entrepreneurs and decided to support them by providing them with a platform to showcase their talents and skills. Our company is not just selling coffee but also making a meaningful impact on society. Our zest for exploring something new still remains.

We started this company out of an urge to create. Create something we are passionate about. Something we could be proud of. And for our need and interest in great coffee. Over the last five years we have diligently to not just create an exception product, but to do so in an environmentally and socially conscious manner. We strongly believe that we have a responsibility to the people and the planet. That’s why we are doubling down our efforts to put sustainability at the core of what we do. We are really happy that you are joining us in this journey.


Get to know us, Meet the team!

Founder- Nick of Time

Senjuti, the founder of Nick of Time Coffee in India  has liked coffee for as far as she can remember growing up as a child. She has always wanted to share her fondness for coffee with other coffee lovers in India.

To do this, she teamed up with some of the best coffee suppliers in Africa, the birth place of coffee beans but also Colombia and  Ethiopia. Senjuti has also brought together a team of fellow coffee lovers Subhamita, Tanuja and Tryambika for Nick of Time.

The main goal of the organisation is to share our excitement for the coffee with other connoisseurs in India.

We’re so happy to serve you!

We all know that keeping a balance between work life, home and kids is not so easy for working mothers. Every morning rushing through our household chores to reach the professional arena is a challenge for all working moms. There is absolutely no time for them to prepare even a cup of coffee. At that moment we feel if we could get a coffee dose to boost ourselves and jumpstart our day, as most of us need to gulp caffeine to get ourselves going every morning. Being a working mom I felt the same need for myself one fine morning few years ago. The next moment was coming to Nick Of Time and creating something for myself. My team and I thought to make something easy, less time consuming and hassle free. Then we created Coffee Dip Bags. Working women feel blessed every morning with Nick of Time coffee.


Nick of Time

With a degree in English (Hons.) from Delhi University and M.A. English with Content Writing from Ignou University, Subhamita has had over 10 years of experience in Digital Marketing. Her love for coffee, coupled with Nick of Time’s unique selling proposition make this job a love affair for her.

For as long as she can remember, she has been a huge coffee buff. During her college days at the Delhi University, she would often find herself sipping on roadside instant coffee and it was back then that she knew she could not get through her day without that small cuppa- every single day.


Nick of Time

Tanuja  enjoys her work with Nick of Time only because of the variety and excitement it brings everyday. She loves to study and examine the different speciality coffee ingredients, the making of the coffee, the packaging and everything that makes it so loved around the world. She looks forward to the fresh aroma of coffee at work everyday.

We are more than honoured to have you on this journey with us as we explore new and different coffee from all over the world!