So Here’s Something About Us

“Coffee is a language in itself.”


Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world! Today, coffee is grown around the world, giving that each part its unique distinctive coffee flavor.  The thing about authentic Coffee is that it needs to be brewed! While instant coffees maybe more convenient, boasting of longer shelf-life, it’s the richness and deep taste associated with brewed coffee that makes it the most popular among coffee lovers. The process of making a cup of brewed coffee may seem tedious but it’s the stronger, deeper and richer taste that make the coffee worth the while.

‘Nick of Time’ brings this flavoursome and fantastic Coffee experience right to your doorstep with our range of premium quality Coffee from all over the world including Africa, Colombia, Ethiopia and India. On our website you will find a variety of  coffees as per your liking.  The range is truly impressive- one that will definitely awaken the Coffee lover in you! What’s more- all ‘Nick of Time’ products come with top-notch quality at the most pocket-friendly prices because we want to make high quality coffee more affordable. Our motto is always to serve the ‘customer-first’ and we stand by this motto at all times. We believe that our team has been assembled and trained in a way that allows us to provide the industry’s best experience in buying coffee.

We have support staff and specialized team members only so that you leave every interaction with us happy. We are committed to hospitality and service at all times. Apart from retailing, we are also the only entity, wholesaling, trading and importing authentic International Coffee in India. So if you are a true Coffee lover and yearn for that global coffee experience in India, ‘Nick of Time’ products are for you! Go ahead and pick up your fill of Coffee!

Our Vision
We want to be established, recognized and trusted as the go-to brand for Coffee in India.

Our Mission
We’re on a mission to bring new, different and exciting and coffee products from all over the world to you.

Our Values
“When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier”
-Roy E. Disney

Values are integral to the working fabric at ‘Nick of Time’ and we would be nothing without them. We believe our values are the foundation for our successes! we imbibe Honesty and Integrity in all our endeavors strive to be open-minded, reliable and credible to our customers at all times.

We aim at excellence, Innovation and world-class quality for all our products

We value you  the most! Our customers lie at the core of  our values, they will always be our first priority at work. We strongly believe in building strong foundations of quality, credibility and trust for all ‘Nick Of Time’ policies and strategies. We want to continue to effectively manage and create strong relationships with all  our customers, employees, partners and the community at large.


Why choose us?

We bring to you the finest and most authentic coffee all the way from Africa, Colombia, Ethiopia and India. Apart from that we also bring tea, spices and cosmetic products made of organic Shea butter.

We believe in quality, hence, our products have no additives or artificial flavours that take away from their natural state.

What makes us a great brand is the responsibility we have towards our community. We’re strong promoters and supporters of women empowerment and have helped hundreds of women to live an improvised life by giving them a chance to be independent all the way from Uganda (East Africa) to India. This has only been possible because you have chosen us everytime!

We strongly believe that it is the women that empower us!

In today’s world, there is a big divide between the genders, it has become almost essential to provide our women with a platform that will help them boost their morale, confidence and make them economically sound. We, at Nick of Time, aim to equip them with that ground. Nick of Time encourages women participation and so right from the center of our organisation i.e. from the farms to the factories and finally, to the administrative level, we have a large number of female hands and minds operating. At par with the current times, it has become crucial not only to educate the female population but also provide financial stability to them. Only words of women empowerment aren’t effective, we need to implement them at the ground level and that’s what the motto of Nick of Time is.

In order to protect the dwindling ratio of female

employees we, at Nick of Time make it our duty to provide women with the best job opportunities. Hundreds of women are employed here and are provided with the best technical knowledge in handling our products. So be assured that we not only bring to you the best and most aromatic coffee flavours but in the process, we are delivering the women of the world an opportunity to grow and develop, gradually attempting to eliminate the gender inequality in the workplace and society.

Our zest for exploring something new still remains….


Get to know us, Meet the team!

Senjuti Chatterjee
Founder- Nick of Time

Senjuti, the founder of Nick of Time Coffee in India  has liked coffee for as far as she can remember growing up as a child. She has always wanted to share her fondness for coffee with other coffee lovers in India.

To do this, she teamed up with some of the best coffee suppliers in Africa, the birth place of coffee beans but also Colombia and  Ethiopia. Senjuti has also brought together a team of fellow coffee lovers Barkha, Seema and Sandhya for Nick of Time.

The main goal of the organisation is to share our excitement for the coffee with other connoisseurs in India.

We’re so happy to serve you!


Nick of Time

With a degree in English (Hons.) from Delhi University and M.A. English with Content Writing from Ignou University, Shubhamita has had over 10 years of experience in Digital Marketing. Her love for coffee, coupled with Nick of Time’s unique selling proposition make this job a love affair for her.

For as long as she can remember, she has been a huge coffee buff. During her college days at the Delhi University, she would often find herself sipping on roadside instant coffee and it was back then that she knew she could not get through her day without that small cuppa- every single day.


Nick of Time

Sandhya  enjoys her work with Nick of Time only because of the variety and excitement it brings everyday. She loves to study and examine the different speciality coffee ingredients, the making of the coffee, the packaging and everything that makes it so loved around the world. She looks forward to the fresh aroma of coffee at work everyday.

We are more than honoured to have you on this journey with us as we explore new and different coffee from all over the world!