Coffee! My aromatic stressbuster

It sounds weird but coffee and moonless night share an amazing similarity. Being a nyctophile and a selenophile, I often spend my nights gazing at the vast expanse. How beautiful she looks in her ebony gown. And there, when the world sleeps, to accompany me, I have my bosom friend, my cup of hot coffee. When countless thoughts drench the soul, when the pent up emotions stream down the cheeks, a sip into a cupful of hot coffee soothes the weary heart. Just like millions of stardust shimmer in the boundless blues, my cuppa also has numerous such tiny frothy bubbles embellished on its dark surface. And just the shooting stars they pop on a slight shake.

The misty veil emanating from my cup on reaching my nostrils tickles the lost sensation, its invigorating fragrance seeping through the layers of my tongue, coursing through my veins when finally reaches the heart, that pleasure is ineffable. The alluring aroma of the beans when crushed stimulates the nerves. Be it a drowsy day or a tired night, the sight of the dusky beauties are a delight to the eyes and their intoxicating aroma, ah! fills the heart with glee. On a rainy evening, when the pitter-patter, the puddles, the thunders don’t permit to go out, a hot cuppa by the glass window, a thriller to read, curled up in my couch is all I desire.

For ages, coffee has been consumed in a variety of ways in different countries, but my personal favourite is the one with a dash of cinnamon and little milk. When the white meets the black like a river meeting sea it creates an amazing blur, a little stir and the royal blend is ready to be relished!

A morning booster, an evening chitchat friend or a night pal, coffee had always been my secret companion.

By Sonali Ray (Content Writer & Blogger)