Nick of Time Kafele African Finest AA Grade Pure Arabica Dark Roast Ground Coffee(Powder) from Uganda (400g)

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    Get the coffee range from it’s place of origin – Africa. We get the highest grade beans from Africa, freshly roasted them in world-class roasting machines and present them for your enjoyment. The specialty Arabica coffees of Africa are considered to be some of the world’s most exquisite. The higher elevations and lush soil conditions are optimal for the cultivation of premium coffee.

    • We hand pick the best coffee beans to ensure quality. It is then roasted using German precision roasting machine and packed for premium quality coffee.
    • Kafele African coffee is a careful blend of Arabica coffee mostly picked from the slopes of Mount Elgon and the Albertine region in Uganda.
    • These are well grounded dark roast with chocolate tones and an-embellished finish Uganda’s finest coffee beans. Kafele Africa produced not only some of the world’s best tasting coffees, but coffees which can immeasurably enhance blends, even when added in small quantities
    • This fresh roasted and full-bodied blend has been crafted especially for espresso aficionados. Designed to hold its flavour and produce a generous crema, our unique blend produces a straight, smooth shot that is dark, rich, pure essence of coffee.
    • Once opened, seal your pack with a cover provided to keep coffee fresh.
  • HOW TO MAKE:- 1.Add water to brew in the coffee maker according to consumption. 2.Add ground coffee, brew and pour. 3.Add hot milk and sugar if desired according to your preference to enjoy your perfect cup of hot coffee.