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African Whole Coffee Beans 100% Arabica AA Grade Dark Roast from Uganda (400g |14.10 oz)

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The specialty Arabica coffees of majestic Africa are considered to be some of the World’s most exquisite. It is known for its complex flavors, with hints of fruit, floral notes, and a pleasant acidity. Get the African coffee range from the hub of coffee – Nick of Time. We buy the finest grade AA specialty coffees from Bulago, the slopes of Mt Elgon, Kasese, slopes of Mt Rwenzori and the Albertine region. These coffees are cupped and re-cupped throughout the purchasing, roasting, and packaging process to ensure that you are always getting the best quality Arabica beans possible.

1. Africa produced not only some of the world’s best tasting coffees, but coffees which can immeasurably enhance blends, even when added in small quantities. Nick of Time is delighted to share premium quality African coffee beans from the slopes of Mount Elgon and the Albertine region in Uganda
2. It is a careful blend of 100% Arabica Dark Roast AA Grade Coffee beans from Uganda, Africa. They are roasted in small batches on Germany precision equipment to maintain high quality and consistency.
3. These are well grounded dark roast with chocolate tones and an-embellished finish Uganda’s finest coffee beans. Most people who buy this never go back to other brands. Infact we know people who get upset if they run out of this product.
4. Our Coffee is completely natural with zero preservatives. Packaged in a 400 gm canister pack to preserve the freshness of coffee. Once opened, seal your pack with a cover provided to keep coffee fresh.
5. Perfect for French press, drip coffee, cold brew, moka pot, filter coffee & espresso machines.
HOW TO MAKE : Grind the beans using a kitchen/coffee grinder. Add the desired amount of ground coffee into your coffee maker/machine (1 tbsp for 1 cup). Pour half a cup of hot water and let it brew for a 4-5 minutes. Strain/pour into a cup. Add milk or sugar if desired.