Coffee Bean Grinder, 220V

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This rich red color premium quality burr grinder is suitable for commercial as well as personal use. It grinds fast, neatly and does not overheat.

  • This burr coffee grinder has a safety switch (push button) for fine to coarse grinding. Burr grinder is better choice than blade grinder for obvious reasons. It has two revolving abrasive surfaces (called burrs) and ground the beans in a uniform size.
  • Coffee original aroma, taste and color remain same after grinding. It is durable, user friendly and perfect for hassle free use.
  • It has easy to use and clean durable jar. Every coffee lover should have this beautifully designed grinder coated with rich red color . It is compact in size and does not require much space.
  • Voltage: 220v, Frequency: 50Hz, Power: 150w and Rotation Speed: 3000 RPM
  • Weight: 4.0 kg, Packed Dimensions: 365x150x250mm and Color: Rich Red
  • Branded, Packed & Marketed by: Nick of Time (India) Warranty: One Year from the date of purchase.
  • Nick of Time Commercial Grinder + Indian Beans 1 kg. AA grade beans, Pure and fresh.
  • The grinding cutter adopts ultra-hard steel knife and the durability of blade and the grinding speed can be 3 times higher than that of other fake products.
  • The grinding speed is fast and tidy, uneasy to produce powders. Magnetic device is set in the power outlet to filter all metal powders, which further guarantees health. For business premises design, it is applicable for long-term use and harsh environmental conditions.8-gear coarse degree and fineness are adjusted freely.
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