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Nick of Time Premium Handy Easy To Use Compact Coffee Bean Electric Roaster Machine for Household and Commercial Purpose

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Nothing can be better than having coffee bean roaster for every time fresh coffee at home, office or shop.

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    • Coffee bean roaster for every time fresh roasted coffee at home or small shops. May be used for light commercial purpose in cafeteria and coffee shops.
    • It is compact and perfect for roasting 500g coffee beans in a single batch and takes 20 mintues to complete the process.
    • It has food grade Teflon coating, which is easy to clean. This roaster also works for seeds, nuts and cocoa beans.
    • Heats and stirs the beans at the same time to get an even roast.
    • Rated Power: 1.2kw Rated Voltage: 220V, Pot Diameter: 270mm, Gross Weight: 2.8Kg.

For coffee lovers who want freshly roasted coffee at any time of the day, anywhere, consider Nick of Time’s Home Coffee Bean Roaster. This home coffee roaster can roast coffee beans in quantity of 400g-600g per batch and roasting takes approx 20 mins. This machine is primarily designed for home use. Once you smell the fresh aroma from the coffee, you will find that the investment is worthwhile.

HOW TO USE ROASTER:- 1.Put unroasted/ green coffee beans on the hot plate of the roaster. 2.Select the temperature to high (max. capacity 700 gm per batch). Adjust the temperature according to the roasting profile. 3.Roast the coffee beans then remove, cool and store the beans.

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