Coohfee! African Coffee Dip Bags (Pack of 25)150g

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Pack of 200gm

For all coffee connoisseurs ‘Coffee Bags’ is the best travel companion.

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  • AA Grade green beans are blended and roasted to perfection in the finest coffee region to create micro grounded coffee and further packed in small paper filters for a finest brew.
  • This is the best quality Arabica Coffee. Experience the authentic aroma in every sip.
  • For all coffee connoisseurs ‘Coffee Bag’ is the best travel companion.
  • These single filter bags make a fresh cup every time. Brew a cup of refreshing coffee right in the mug with these convenient single-serving coffee bags.
  • No artificial flavours are added. Weight: 150g pack (6g x 25 bags)

Anytime – Anywhere 3 steps preparation:

    Put one dip bag in cup.
    Pour hot water (100-120ml) into the cup and leave it for 2-3 minutes. If you like strong dark coffee, leave it for 5 minutes.
    Add milk and sugar according to taste. Cup of Hot Coffee is ready.
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