Nick of Time Pure and Fresh Whole Natural Aromatic Sweet Fennel Seeds (Saunf) from Rajasthan, India (400gm)

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Fennel (Saunf) is highly aromatic and flavourful



    It is a common practice to have fennel seeds (saunf) after every meal in order to freshen the mouth. Nick of Time gets the best saunf from Rajasthan with freshness and sweetness. Soak a tablespoon of saunf overnight in a glass of water and drink the next day. Your body will get fibre and nutrients. Saunf is used in making pooris, parathas, chutneys and many other dishes.

    • We hand pick the best fennel seeds to ensure quality. It is then carefully packed for premium quality cooking.
    • Fennel is oval in shape, and once dried takes on a greenish-brown color, which slowly fades to gray as the seeds age.
    • We provide unpolished fennel and no additives and no artificial flavors are added.
    • Fennel is highly aromatic and flavorful herb. It has a crunchy texture and mildly sweet flavor. One can use in all types of curries, vegetables, drinks and pickles.
    • Weight & Storage: This is 500gm zip lock pack, store in a cool and dry place.
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Additional information